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  Papaji Books

Published by the Avadhuta Foundation:

Papaji's Prasad, Recipes and Stories of Mealtimes with H.W.L. Poonja, ed. by Susan Herbert (Gita)

The Fire of Freedom, ed. by David Godman

Nothing Ever Happened, ed. by David Godman
--Papaji's biography in 3 volumes--

Papaji: Interviews, ed. by David Godman
-- Book of interviews with devotees--

Published by various authors:

The Truth Is, ed. by Prashanti
--Papaji speaking on various subjects--

Wake Up and Roar, ed. by Eli jaxon-Bear
--New one volume collector's edition---

Meeting Papaji, by Roslyn Moore
--First-hand interviews with devotees--

Papaji Amazing Grace by Premananda
--First-hand interviews with devotees--

Papaji Prasad cover

Papaji's Prasad, Recipes and Stories of Mealtimes with HWL Poonja
Edited and compiled by Susan Herbert (Gita), published by the © Avadhuta Foundation

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This amazing spiral-bound cookbook of Indian recipes was compiled with recipes from Jyoti and other members of Papaji's kitchen. It also includes some touching stories of eating meals with Papaji and also, never-before-seen photos of Papaji both shopping and eating. Limited edition.



The Fire of Freedom, Satsang with Papaji, Volume 1
Edited by David Godman. 291 pages with 15 pages of color photos!
Published by the © Avadhuta Foundation
$18, plus shipping and handling.

This is a completely new collection of teaching dialogues between Papaji and visitors who came to see him in Lucknow in the middle of 1991. At that time only about fifteen people would come each day, and all the satsangs were held in the living room of Papaji’s house.
In these conversations Papaji explains the practical teachings of his Master, Ramana Maharshi, in a simple and forceful way. As he engages his visitors in discussions about the nature of spiritual freedom and the means by which it can be discovered, he is always looking for an opportunity to take his questioners back to the source of their minds so that they can find out for themselves, by direct experience, what he is trying to show them.

Also available on David Godman's site. or in India at Satsang



Nothing Ever Happened (Biography)
Edited by David Godman. Published by the © Avadhuta FoundationThree-volume biography of Papaji's life. Boxed set: 3 volumes, 1297 pages, $24.95, or $19.95 without a case,or buy individual volumes for $9.95 each, plus shipping and handling.




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- All 3 vols

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- All 3 vols




Papaji Nothing Ever Happened Set with box


Papaji Nothing Ever Happened Set with box

In 1994, Papaji encouraged David Godman to work on a book that would narrate the events of his long and extraordinary life. These three volumes, totaling over 1200 pages, are the fruits of this intensive labor of love. Issued individually or as .boxed or unboxed set, they tell the story of Papaji's life and teachings up to 1990, when he was "discovered" by large numbers of westerners.
See the audiotape sets of Nothing Ever Happened.

Errata or corrections and retractions from the text of Nothing Ever Happened.


Papaji: Interviews
Edited by David Godman. 305 pages.
Published by the © Avadhuta Foundation
$15 plus shipping and handling.

Papaji attracted thousands of western seekers to his Satsangs in India. Among the crowds, there was a sprinkling of scholars, journalists, therapists, and spiritual writers who conducted formal interviews with him.

Papaji: Interviews chronicles the encounters of well-known writers such as Jeff Greenwald, Catherine Ingram, Wes Nisker, and David Godman with Papaji on a wide variety of topics. It also contains a first-person account of Papaji's life and realization.


Prose and Poetry of Dancing Emptiness
Edited by Prashanti de Jager.
$14.95 plus shipping and handling.
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This is an introduction to the poetry and prose of Sri H.W.L. Poonja. These wise and deeply spiritual selections are from the Satsangs, or truths recorded in Poonjaji's comprehensive The Truth Is, and they distill the essence of his teachings into a shorter, more portable collection.


The Truth Is
Prose and Poetry of Dancing Emptiness
Edited by Prashanti de Jager. 560 pages (softcover with stitched binding), including 27 photographs.
$29.95 plus shipping and handling.

The Truth Is - Papaji

A collection of discourses and dialogues that Sri H.W.L. Poonja had with visitors between 1990 and 1996.  The book is compiled and edited by topic by Prashanti.  It is highly regarded by members of all spiritual traditions and those interested in Advaita and non-dual teachings.


Wake Up and Roar
Edited by Eli Jaxon-Bear.
$24.95, plus shipping and handling.
Hardcover book. 274 pages plus glossary.
Eight pages of new and very beautiful color pictures in the center.
This new edition also includes a new forward by Gangaji.

The Truth Is - Papaji

Wake Up and Roar is a collector's edition of satsangs (teachings) delivered throughout his life, originally published in two paperback volumes, and now bound in one elegant hardcover book with a new foreword from a principal student in his lineage, Gangaji. Presented in a question-and-answer format, Wake Up and Roar offers the student complete awakening, here and now, regardless of background, practice, or personal circumstance. "The Self contains everything. There is nothing apart from it," Papaji teaches. "This is why you can call it emptiness. There is nothing beyond emptiness."

Meeting Papaji

Meeting Papaji: First-Hand Accounts
By Roslyn Moore
$16.50, plus shipping and handling.
Meeting Papaji

In the early nineties, when Papaji could no longer travel, a flood of westerners came to be with him in Lucknow. He told them to call off their search, that they already were what they were searching for. "You are happiness. You are peace. You are freedom itself." They heard him. Their stories are captivating, and through their portrayals of Papaji, his living transmission is offered to us. Includes intimate first-hand accounts from Gangaji, Prashanti, Yudhishtara, Isaac, Mira, Surendra, Sangeeta, Chandra, Yamuna, Neelam and Dasarath.

The Ribhu Gita

The Ribhu Gita
Sixth Amsa of Sri Siva Rahasyam
$12.95, plus shipping and handling.

Meeting Papaji

One of the books that Papaji recommended highly to people who asked him what to read. This is the first complete edition both in English and in the original transliteration in Sanskrit.

"There is no greater testimony to the unique value of Ribhu Gita than the fact that Bhagavan Ramana himself told one of his educated devotees, Sampurnamma, 'It does not matter if you don't understand the book. Just go through it, it wil be of immense beenfit to you.'"

Bhagavan would often say the the recitation of Ribhu Gita is as good as Samadhi and would himself take part in the recitation. As would Papaji.


Papaji Amazing Grace
By Premananda
$29.95, plus shipping and handling.
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Interviews with seekers of Enlightenment... and how they discovered it.
Papaji Amazing Grace is a book of fifteen profoundly beautiful and powerful spiritual interviews. They are stories of a housewife, a businessman, even an officer of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Each person, whatever their background, had the common longing to discover the eternal Truth of who they are. When this longing is strong enough a Master appears.
The interviews were conducted by Premananda with seekers for Truth who sought out Papaji in the period from 1990 to 1997, when his old age finally allowed a community to grow up around him in Lucknow, North India.


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