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Nothing Ever Happened (Biography)
Edited by David Godman. Three-volume biography of Papaji's life. Boxed set: 3 volumes, 1297 pages, $29.95 or individual volumes for $12.95 each, plus shipping and handling. Reduced price is . How to order.

In 1994, Papaji encouraged David Godman to work on a book that would narrate the events of his long and extraordinary life. These three volumes, totaling over 1200 pages, are the fruits of this intensive labor of love. Issued as a boxed set, they tell the story of Papaji's life and teachings up to 1990, when he was "discovered" by large numbers of westerners.



Papaji: Interviews
Edited by David Godman. 305 pages.
$15.00 plus
shipping and handling. How to order.

Papaji attracted thousands of western seekers to his Satsangs in India. Among the crowds, there was a sprinkling of scholars, journalists, therapists, and spiritual writers who conducted formal interviews with him.

Papaji: Interviews chronicles the encounters of well-known writers such as Jeff Greenwald, Catherine Ingram, Wes Nisker, and David Godman with Papaji on a wide variety of topics. It also contains a first-person account of Papaji's life and realization.


Prose and Poetry of Dancing Emptiness
Edited by Prashanti de Jager.
$14.95 plus
shipping and handling. How to order.

This is an introduction to the poetry and prose of Sri H.W.L. Poonja. These wise and deeply spiritual selections are from the Satsangs, or truths recorded in Poonjaji's comprehensive The Truth Is, and they distill the essence of his teachings into a shorter, more portable collection.


The Truth Is
Prose and Poetry of Dancing Emptiness
Edited by Prashanti de Jager. 560 pages (softcover with stitched binding), including 27 photographs.
$29.95 plus
shipping and handling. How to order.

A collection of discourses and dialogues that Sri H.W.L. Poonja had with visitors between 1990 and 1996.  The book is compiled and edited by topic by Prashanti.  It is highly regarded by members of all spiritual traditions and those interested in Advaita and non-dual teachings.


Wake Up and Roar
Volume 1 and Volume 2
Edited by Eli Jaxon-Bear. Volumes ordered individually.
$12.00 each, plus shipping and handling. How to order

In these dialogues, the power and presence of Poonjaji leaps right off the pages, giving every opportunity for the mind to stop and the heart to open to itself. Volume 1 answers questions about the ego, meditation, and the nature of the true self. Volume 2 explores the concept of enlightenment, the traps of mind and senses, and devotion and self-inquiry: the two gateways to Advaita.

Meeting Papaji

Meeting Papaji: First-Hand Accounts
By Roslyn Moore
$16.50 plus
shipping and handling. How to order.

In the early nineties, when Papaji could no longer travel, a flood of westerners came to be with him in Lucknow. He told them to call off their search, that they already were what they were searching for. "You are happiness. You are peace. You are freedom itself." They heard him. Their stories are captivating, and through their portrayals of Papaji, his living transmission is offered to us. Includes intimate first-hand accounts from Gangaji, Prashanti, Yudhishtara, Isaac, Mira, Surendra, Sangeeta, Chandra, Yamuna, Neelam and Dasarath.


Be As You Are
The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi
By David Godman.
$13.95 plus
shipping and handling. How to order.

Probably the most widely read book on Ramana Maharshi's teachings. Since its first appearance in the mid-80s, it has been, outside India, the standard introduction to Bhagavan's teachings. Dialogues with Ramana are arranged by topics, with the most important teachings on each subject differentiated from the remainder. Introductions to each chapter summarize Bhagavan's views on each subject.


Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi Recorded by Muruganar, First English Translation
Edited and annotated by David Godman, 396 pages
$20.00 plus
shipping and handling. How to order.

The original Tamil work comprises 3,059 two-line verses that either praise Ramana Maharshi, record his teachings, or express Muruganar’s gratitude to him. This collection contains representative samples from all these categories, while concentrating on the teachings. Of the book's 1,750 verses approximately three-quarters of them contain direct statements by Ramana Maharshi on all aspects of his teachings.


Final Talks, Annamalai Swami
Edited by David Godman, 109 pages
$9.95 plus
shipping and handling. How to order.

Annamalai Swami lived and worked with Sri Ramana Maharishi until 1938, when Sri Ramana asked his disciple to devote himself to solitary meditation. In the 1980s small numbers of spiritual seekers began to visit Annamalai Swami to question him about his Guru's teachings and their own spiritual practices. The teachings presented in this book were given out the last six months of his Annamalai Swami's life. They represent the essence of his experience and his lifelong devotion to his Guru and his teachings.


Living by the Words of Bhagavan
By David Godman
$16.95 plus
shipping and handling. How to order.

An absorbing account of the trials and tribulations of Annamalai Swami's life with Bhagavan. Annamalai Swami spent many years supervising building work at Ramanashram under Bhagavan's direct supervision. This is a classic Milarepa-like tale of unwavering commitment to the Guru and his words. Many previously unpublished dialogues with Bhagavan are included, and the book also contains teaching dialogues that took place between Annamalai Swami and his own devotees in the late 1980s.


Guru Vachaka Kovai in April 2006
The Garland of the Guru's Sayings
Published by Sri Arunachala Nilayam, 443 pages
$20, plus
shipping and handling. How to order.

Guru Vachaka Kovai is the biggest collection of Bhagavan’s spoken teachings that was thoroughly checked and revised by him during his lifetime. As such it has a unique place in the Ramana literature.


The Power of the Presence

The Power of the Presence
Part One, Part Two, Part Three
By David Godman. Accounts from Ramana devotees. Ordered individually.
$18.00 each, plus
shipping and handling. How to order.

What was it like to live with and be guided by Sri Ramana Maharishi, one of the greatest sages that India has ever produced?
- Part One: Eight devotees narrate their personal stories, most of which have never before appeared in English.
- Part Two: Six more devotees share their momentous and transforming experiences.
- Part Three: The final volume. Recounts stories about a number of outstanding devotees: Ramanatha Brahmachari, Mastan, Lakshmi the cow, Echammal and others.


Sri Ramana Darsanam
By David Godman
$10.95 plus
shipping and handling. How to order.

Sadhu Natanananda was a Tamil scholar who edited many of Ramana Maharshi's works, even some that appeared in Sri Ramana's Collected Works. This work is a penetrating analysis of Bhagavan's life and teachings, illustrated by many quotations and stories that have never appeared in English before. Also included are two long poems that Natanananda wrote in the 1950s which explain key points of Bhagavan's teaching and give intimate details of Natanananda's own inner experiences.


Heart Is Thy Name, Oh Lord
Published by V.S. Ramanam
$25.00 plus
shipping and handling. How to order.

Moments of Silence with Sri Ramana Maharshi. A book of photographs and quotations.



Day by Day with Bhagavan
By Devaraja Mudalier
$14.95 plus
shipping and handling. How to order.

Accounts of Ramana from the the diary of A. Devaraja Mudalieer, a lawyer by profession who met Ramana at the Virupaksha cave in the first decade of the twentieth century.


Letters from Sri Ramanasramam
Volumes I and II
By Suri Nagama
$20.00 plus
shipping and handling. How to order.

Translated from Telagu. Letters from 1945 to 1949. A unique insight into the Ramanasramam, Ramana, and his disciples from the stories and letters of people who had that direct experience.


Non-Dual Consciousness
By Muruganar
$12.95 plus
shipping and handling. How to order.

Bhagavan Ramana's centenary of enlightenment publication. From the Tamil original of Maruganar and translated by Robert Butler.


By K. Lakshmana Sarma
$2.95 plus
shipping and handling. How to order.

A little gem of a book by Ramana that he recommended to all his devotees.


Who Am I?
The Teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi
Published By Sri Ramanasramam Tiruvannamalai
$2.95 plus shipping and handling. How to order

Who Am I? is comprised of a set of questions and answers on self-enquiry. They were asked and answered by Ramana Maharshi when he was living in Virupaksha Cave on the sacred mountain of Arunachala. It constitutes the first set of instructions in the Master’s own words.



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